OB Care Professional Cleaning Products

Cleaning made safe!

OB Care products are designed specifically to meet the cleaning requirements of commercial spaces. They can be used in Corporate offices, Malls, Theatres, Clubs & Banquet Halls, Exhibition Centers, Temples / Church / Mosque, Hotels / Restaurants / Cafes,  Banks & Financial Institutions, Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Depots, Amusement Parks, Schools Kindergartens, Rest homes, Colleges and many more.

OB Care products are made from extracts of corn, vegetable oil, and other plant-based ingredients. All products are non-toxic, non-corrosive. These products have a pH of 6-7 while human skin has a pH of 5.5, making it safe for daily use.

With OB Care, you harness the goodness of nature for superior, effective cleaning also safe to use on fixtures and your property. Our range includes general and kitchen cleaning solutions, washroom cleaning and odour control solutions. They address a range of problems from clogged drains and pipes, effective degradation of waste, odour control, prevention of reverse gases, septic tank health, repel kitchen and drain flies, oil and fat deposit breakdown for grease strap cleaning, hard water stains removal, dirt elimination. They are non-corrosive and non-acidic and all-natural.

Some of the products in the OB care range have enzymes for effective cleaning and odor control. The products are washroom cleaner and odor eliminator, organic toilet cleaner, flushfree urinal spray, urinal drain cleaner & hard surface stain remover & deep cleaner.

For B2B pricing or reseller pricing Please contact 027 801 4077 or email azeem@naturalcleaning.co.nz